Digital Rescue Premium And Disk Doctors Windows Data Recovery Reviews

Digital Rescue Premium Review

Digital Rescue Premium is one of the popular data recovery software for Windows users. The software developed by Data Transfer LLC. Migo Digital Rescue is the solution for instantly recovering lost emails, photos, music and videos.

With software, user can:

  • Recovery Lost Files: search for and recover deleted documents, photos, music, and video.
  • Recovery Lost Email: search for and recover deleted email items.
  • Permanently Delete Data: make data unrecoverable by this software and other recovery applications.
  • Recovery by Search – deep search finds deleted files by name, type, file extension and search for everything.
  • Filter the search result by extension, file size, modified date.
  • The software is simple and easy to use.
Disk Doctors Windows Data Recovery Review

When you see the name of this software, I believe that you may have sometimes in mind what type of the software is. Windows Data Recovery Software is file recovery program developed by Disk Doctor Labs Inc. This Company provides wide range of recovery software solutions including File Recovery, Digital Media Recovery, Digital Media Recovery, and available for multiple platforms: Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Unix.

Windows Data Recovery is one of them, the recovery program for Windows which support both types of file systems in your hard drive FAT and NTFS. Besides that, if you need only recovery for FAT or NTFS, there are two separate packages which are cheaper, FAT Data Recovery Software and NTFS Data Recovery Software.

Now let see what the software can do for you. When user open the program, in wizard windows, user can choose to recover data or recovery form disk image and the program also allow user to create disk image. Disk Doctors Windows Data Recovery Software is simple and easy to use with user friendly interface. In the following you will find out more on the software from both publisher and experiences users.