ParetoLogic Data Recovery And Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Reviews

ParetoLogic Data Recovery Review

ParetoLogic Data Recovery is one of data recovery programs which have clean user interface. The software is developed by ParetoLogic Inc. There are two available versions, ParetoLogic Data Recovery and ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro. The pro edition has more ability to recover the deleted email. The program is available for Microsoft Windows platform including Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

ParetoLogic Data Recovery has three scan modes: Quick Scan, Full Scan and Guided Scan.

Quick Scan is quickly scan the whole computer and devices for files easily recovered.

Full Scan is scan process which needs longer time; this mode is used when user can find the file they want with Quick scan.

Guided Scan is scan mode which user cans specific drive to scan, items and email to recover from whether computer hard drive or external device.

Moreover, user can also recover the lost by using advanced mode which is look similar to other data recovery software by select drive and file area to scan.

After scanning, the files will be classified into specific file types including Images, Documents, Audio/Video, Text files, HTML files, Compressed files, Folders, Binary files and Other file.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery is file recovery software from Stellar Information Systems Ltd, the company which provides both data recovery program and services. Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery is available for multiple operating system including Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Novell. The software has five languages supported interface such as English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

The software has friendly user interface and simple to use. The programs allow user to perform two scan modes to recover the lost file:

Standard Scan is very fast and sufficient scan method. It performs in most of the cases. If the user does not find the result they want, they can use the advance scan method.

Advance Scan is can mode takes a bit more time to scan but have greater chance to discover lost data.

After scan user can filter the result based on file types such as office document, graphics files, compressed files, programming files, emails, movie files and sound files.